Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Ran this morning, amidst the wind and my allergies being on the verge of exploding.  April and I headed out of the subdivision for a 3-4 mile run.  We ran out towards Shell, ran by the golf course, over to the high school and back.  It's a good course for sure, not too hilly, but not entirely flat either.  The last hill kicked our butts, of course, finishing up hill is always hard.  I ended up running 4.35 miles in 9:36 pace.  I'm tired.  I ran back to April a few times, so it made my distance a little farther--she ran 3.8 miles in 12 minute pace.  She is doing AWESOME!  She ran her first mile under 10 minutes I believe.  She rocks.  :)  I work the next two days, so training may be hard...but I'll try.  5K race Saturday, they always make the training that much more fun. :)  

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