Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Student Loans

I am like most 20 something's in that I owe money for my higher education, or should I say owed. As of today, Jordan and I have finished paying off my student loans!!!  We worked hard to pay large sums of money each month to pay them off faster, and in 12 short months we accomplished our goal!  :) 

I added up quite a load of debt for my mere associate's degree.  2 years at a private university, Maryville University, for PT school, 1 semester at SDSU when I lived in California, and 2 years at Jefferson College for my Associate's Degree in Nursing to finally become an RN.  5 years of school, over $14,000 dollars in debt, and I finally had a degree.  While I would love to get my BSN, I'm basking in the glory of being student loan free.  I never intended to jump schools so much, but life happened.  I got married at 19, finished my sophomore year at Maryville with intentions to transfer to SDSU when I moved to Cali after Jordan's 1st tour in Iraq.  Then, upon transferring into the Athletic Trainer's program, SDSU informed me they would only be accepting somewhere around 20 of my 70+ college credits, so I would basically have to start over....something I had no desire to do, could not afford, nor did I have the time...Jordan only had 2 years left at Camp Pendleton when SDSU informed me of this.  So I took spring semester off, moved home during Jordan's second tour in Iraq, got into JeffCo's nursing program and prepared for becoming a nurse.  Then, wouldn't you know it, more life happened.  During my second semester of nursing school, shortly after Jordan had been home for Christmas, I found out we were expecting our first bundle of joy!  Just a slight bump in the road, I finished my LPN certificate, took the year off of school to work as a nurse and have my sweet boy, Brayden.  Then, in 2008 I went back to finish, and in 2009 I FINALLY had a degree.  Now, after less than 4 years, I've paid for all of those 100+ college credits. :)  Feels good. 

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