Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sneezing and more running

My silly little princess is smacking my cheeks and laughing uncontrollably as I try to type, so forgive any mistakes. :) 

Good-ness, all of this running lately has me worn out!  :)  And I like it.  Today Sarah and I loaded up the kids and met in town to run again.  We opted for a less hilly course today.  I'm quite the wimp and can't handle a ton of hills, as you all have heard me whine about recently.  So we ran the 3.1 mile course from last week, finishing in 31:14.  I had to walk up two of the hills, tried to keep the walking to a minimum, but my calves were on fire from me recent Insanity workouts.  Like I said, I'm loving the sore muscles, but I could only take so much today.  I was pouring with sweat by the time we finished.  But it was fun, and I love having a running buddy.  April and I don't always get time to run together because she works 6 days a week. We have a 5K on Saturday that I'm excited for.  :) 

After running I came home and had a busy day with the kids, feeding, diaper changing, feeding, feeding, naps, feeding.  I swear, all I do is feed them food, clean up the kitchen, and repeat--they are bottomless pits! 

And the sneezing, ugh!  I love warm weather, hate spring.  I've always wondered why allergies exist--mine were extra pleasant today.  I HATE Bradford Pear trees!  They are everywhere!  I love looking at flowers, and wish I had a greener thumb...but in all honesty, I hate anything that contributes to my excessive sneezing. Fun stuff.

I did some more abs from Insanity today as well, I didn't use the DVD, just did some of the exercises from the abs workout.  Caroline rudely interrupted me and cut my session short, my abs thank her I'm sure. 

47 days til my triathlon!

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