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Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and reading up on some of my favorite things in life! Now lemme tell you a little about myself...

My name is Jessy, wife of a paramedic, labor and delivery nurse at a small rural hospital, momma of two wonderful children, sister, daughter, friend, Christian, runner, sewer, hippie. :)

I started this blog as a journal for myself but it has turned into a place for me to promote healthy living and running, eating, my love for sewing and my place of reflection about life.

I began running in the 7th grade. I was 12 years old, akward and terrible at every sport I tried. I had always been good at the mile in gym class (my first ever recorded mile was in 2nd grade, 8 years old, ran it in 8:44, beat all the boys!) So I thought cross country might be where it was at. I was right, I was good at this running thing! I loved cross country and medaled in every race through middle school. I had a short (2 day) hiatus because of some knee pain in the 8th grade where I thought I should quit. My coach convinced me I had a ton of potential and was going to be great in high school, so I sucked it up and kept running. (Knee pain due to growing from 5'0'' to 5'7'' through my 8th grade year, ouch!)  On to high school I ran. I went to state all four years in cross country and three times in track. I was All-State in XC my junior year and ran a 5k PR of 20:44 that year. I was never a great trackster but managed to place decent most of the time. After high school I ran at Maryville University while pursuing a degree in physical therapy. Lets cut to the chase, I gained the freshman 15 and stunk it up horribly my freshman year. I had stress fractures in both legs and began to dislike running. Got married to my Marine Corps hubby at the young age of 19 and quit running for awhile. In the mean time I learned how to be a new wife, became a Christian, was baptized, hubby went to Iraq-twice!-he also became a Christian and was baptized, moved to Cali and had fun meeting new people and seeing new parts of the country.

Fast forward to 2007, Jordan was out of the USMC, we had moved back to Missouri, I had started nursing school and was now an LPN (licensed practical nurse) and we welcomed the arrival of our first little man. 

Life moved fast over the next few years, I ran my first half marathon in 2009 (2:06), became an RN the same year, Jordan became a Paramedic in 2010 and we had our sweet princess in 2011.

Since having my babies I have started a small sewing business and then closed up shop due to the hectic-ness of life, became a 'naturalist' as far as child birth and child rearing are concerned, and renewed my love for running. I hope you will enjoy following my adventures in this crazy journey of life. Thanks for reading! :)

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