PR's and PB's

A group of running friends and I decided that personal records are set during official races but personal bests can be set during training runs as well. I like this idea as I don't race every distance in official races but those times should still count! :)

800 meters: 2:33 (PR set in 2001)
1 mile: 5:45 (PR set in 2001)
5k: 20:44 (PR set in 2001)
5k post-baby: 21:34 (PB during training in 2013)
10k: 46:21 (PR set in 2013)
10k PB: 45:20 (PB during training in 2014)
10 miler: 1:15:11 (PR set in 2013)
Half Marathon: 1:48:10 (PR set in 2013)
Half Marathon PB: 1:39:45 (PB during training in 2014)
Marathon: 3:51:44 (PR set in 2014) 

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