Saturday, April 13, 2013

Going the distance-5k

April and I ran our 5k this morning and had so much fun!! I decided to race it fast and April did fantastic without me, she doesn't need me. :) I ran it in 24:24 according to my watch, their chip timer said 24:27, whatever. I got first in my age group, 3rd for the females, and 8th overall. it was great. I didn't run my fastest time ever or anything, but I ran a lot faster than I have in any recent race and it felt good. I got a trophy for 3rd female finisher, Brayden thinks that it is incredible. Haha, glad to be his superstar. The race was at West City Park, not super hilly, but not totally flat either. Now that I raced, I want to get fast again! I would love to run a 5k under 22 minutes again, doubtful that will ever happen. I'd settle for 22's. :) April ran her race right around 31-32 minutes, her personal best. She ran the entire race and didn't need me to push her to keep going, quite proud of my runner sister. :) Great start to a beautiful spring day.

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