Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cross fitting it up

Whew, talk about a work out!  Thanks to Pinterest and Google, I reviewed lots of cross fit work outs and decided I'd try some on my own at home.  Since I have two little kids, my work outs are limited to pushing the stroller while running, doing a workout DVD in the living room, and now my DIY cross fit workouts in the front yard.

So I decided to do AMRAP in 20 minutes (as many rounds as possible).  Each round consisted of running 70 yards down hill, then 70 yards up hill (140 yards total, duh), 25 sit-ups, 20 push-ups, and 10 squats.  I started by running 1/4 of a mile and stretching, not a great warm up, but better than nothing.  Mind you, I couldn't go very far, Caroline was napping and Bray was in the living room watching tv--Jordan is working today, so I had to stay pretty close to the house.  After warming up and stretching a bit I started my stopwatch and got moving.  The first few rounds weren't so bad, I even found myself really sprinting up the hills.  Towards the end of the workout I was gasping for air as I pushed it up the hill, and slowed my sit-ups as I was enjoying laying down. :)  I did 9 rounds of everything in 20 minutes exactly.  I was pretty proud of myself for doing it all alone, and in the cold rainy weather--as you all know, I hate the cold.

So there it is, my first cross fit workout.  Can't wait for more! :)

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