Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Box jumps are scary

I am well aware that I'm a weenie. I did more crossfit today, this time with my cousin Brooke. And the box jumps are hard...and scary. But let's start from the beginning. This morning April and I ran at West City, we ran the same 5k course as our race Saturday, with my handy dandy runkeeper app, to ensure it was a full 3.1 miles, and it was. So I ran that in 29:40. I was sore from crossfit yesterday so I used the first mile to warm up, ran the second mile harder...doing fartleks the whole mile, and ran the last mile easy. Then we stretched and called it a day. This evening we went to visit Brooke and Adam and we did some awesome crossfitting. We did box jumps, double unders (jumping a jump rope twice in one hop...hard, and I suck at them) good mornings, and then I finished up with some leg assisted pull ups. We did four rounds of the first three exercises, as many reps as we could. The box jumps are horrible. My first round I was a wimp, my second round I flipped the box over and fell on my ass (and banged up my wimpy arm), my third round I had better form and felt better doing them, and my fourth round sucked because my legs were tired. The double unders are hard to time, throughout four rounds I only did 3 double unders successfully. But just jumping rope was a good work out. The good mornings weren't hard, but I'm sure my legs will feel it tomorrow. And the pull ups, whew. I did 3 before our rounds, and 5 after. I want to be able to do them without Brooke holding my feet, but for now they are hard enough. My sternum is even sore, she kicked my butt! Then we went for a one mile run/walk. I gladly walked some of it as I was pushing Caroline in the stroller. All in all, it was a great work out day. Going to hopefully bike tomorrow after work. :)

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