Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's almost race time!

It's almost here!  After almost three months of training off and on, my first triathlon is almost here.  :)  I say off and on because of course, I've lacked motivation some days, had to work, and felt bad throughout the past few months on occasion. I had to take off most of last week because of my left hip and groin killing me.  I talked to some PT friends and did a lot of exercises and stretching,  icing and even using a TENS unit.  My last PT friend that I consulted suggested that I was hyperflexing my hip because my bicycle seat was too low.  So I took Wednesday through Sunday off, iced often and took Ibuprofen.  I had by bike fit today, raised the seat and moved it forward slightly, it helped a ton, no more hip pain!!!

Yesterday I went to the YMCA to swim.  I swam for about an hour, practicing kicking only with a kick board, not kicking and only using my arms some of the time, and just the plain old freestyle.  I also practiced my open turns and going under the lane ropes without as much delay as before.  I think I'll be alright for the swim.  I may not be the fastest, but I'll survive.

After I had my bike fitted today I went out for a short ride.  I only rode 5 miles, and wasn't gone too long.  My bike is now making a funny squeaky noise in the handlebars.  I'll have to take it back to the shop Thursday before the race.  But I felt good riding, I was up to 22-23mph on flat terrain some of the time and always 20+mph on downhills.  Uphill is a different story, usually 9-11mph.  Just gotta make up for the time on the downhills. 

Just a couple more days of training before the race...then on to the next. :)

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