Monday, June 3, 2013

Racing and Injuries

I am well aware that I've slacked on my training blogging, I've been meaning to get back into it since my race.  The last week before race day was pretty light, I swam one day, biked a very short course, and ran 3.5 miles on Thursday before my race.  My hip no longer hurt, but my groin was still achy so I didn't want to push it too hard. 

Morning of the race I woke up early, I could barely sleep the night before, and had some PB on a toasted bagel, one of my favorite pre-race breakfasts.  I had my bag packed already and checked it over once more.  I had attended the transition clinic the day before and felt pretty prepared for the race.  I got the family up and moving and we hit the road at 7am, the race was planned to start at 9. 

When I got to Ste. Gen my friend and fellow racer was already there and set up in the transition area.  We loaded the kids into the stroller and I pushed my bike to the rickety bike rack and set up my stuff.  At 8:30 or so we headed to the gym for a pre-race meeting and then to the pool. 

It was a time trial start, and seeing as I'm slower than a sloth when it comes to swimming, I planned on swimming around 3 minutes for the teeny tiny 150 meter swim portion.  I skipped the swim cap and just went with goggles, something I won't do again as I got a ton of water in my ears.  When it was my turn I took a deep breath, ran and hopped in the water, pushing off the bottom of the pool and off I went.  It was a serpentine swim and the girl behind me swam straight into me on my return swim down the lane, but I wasn't swimming extraordinarily well so it didn't really affect much.  I hoped to get out of the pool in right around 3 minutes.  Chip time: 2:59. Score!  I'm not fast, I didn't intend to swim fast.  I was happy.

T1 was fine. I skipped the socks as had been suggested by many other triathlete friends, and got onto the bike quickly for a T1 time of 1:25.  Not bad for my first tri.  I knew I wouldn't be extremely fast on the bike either.  I actually just hoped to ride the 9 mile course under 39 minutes.  It was an out and back course x3...very boring.  Plus it was pretty hilly with one monster hill...and all had to be done 3 times!  My family was there cheering for me, they were near the turn around point so they had plenty of time to cheer me on and take pictures. 

I hoped to ride under 39 minutes, actual chip split time: 37:48!  I was happy with this. As I said before, I knew it wouldn't be fast.  I'm not a cyclist.  Hell, I'm afraid half the time I'm riding!  Although I think I look alright on the bike, and my cycling computer said I got up to 30mph on the big descent, so I was proud of my bike split. 
T2 was easier than T1, but my bike kept falling over due to the crappy bike racks.  I didn't want it totally laying on the's brand new! I spent a few seconds getting it to at least hang on the rack by one handle bar.  T2 time: 51.9 seconds.
On to the run...which also covered the same out and back course for the 3 mile run, so going out I knew I'd have that monster hill to run towards the finish.  I felt okay though, it only took about a 1/2 mile for my legs to feel loose and the weather was great so I wasn't feeling over heated at all.  I kept my eyes on the runners ahead, trying to pick them off one by one, even though it was a time trial start so I was mainly just racing the clock.  At the turn around point I grabbed a cup of water, took a sip, then dumped the rest over my head.  Only 1.5 miles left in my first triathlon!  I tried to pick up the pace and passed a group of runners on the next couple rolling hills.  The big hill was much easier to conquer on foot than on the bike, mainly because I'm a runner, not a cyclist.  I felt good finishing, although my groin was tight and achy, the rest of my body felt fine.  I wasn't even huffing and puffing that I could tell.  Although my husband, who isn't a runner, ever so sweetly told my family that I look like a stroke patient when I run.  So encouraging.  I tilt my head to the right when I run, don't know why, always have.  Guess I'll have to try correcting that.  So my goal for the 3 mile run was under 26 minutes, I smashed that, finishing in 23:22, faster pace than my usual 5K's.  For a total time of 1:06:27!  My goal was to finish under 1:10!  I was quite proud of my finish. 
And was happy to have my cheering section to keep me going. 
Overall it was a great race.  I got 2nd in my age group and was the 6th female finisher overall.  I am already planning my next race.  :)  But since the race I've been nursing this darn groin injury.  I've stayed away from running and cycling, and have been swimming a little and weightlifting, along with some pilates and lots of ice and compression in hopes of healing quickly.  I can't wait to get back out there!

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