Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weight lifting

I'm still resting the sore groin muscle, so no running for me.  I usually find reasons to slack off and lately all I want to do is run!  But I'm hoping to heal and come back faster in the long run.  All of this core work and upper body lifting should help my swim as well as my all around performance. 

Started the day off with some upper body lifting.  I usually do a circuit series of exercises instead of doing each exercise in 3 sets at once.  It's just how I like to lift, I'm not sure if it makes a difference.  I say lift, but I don't really "lift" anything.  I use resistance bands.  We have a few free weights...5lb, 15lb and 20lb.  I'm so weak I can only really utilize the 5lb weights for a lot of things.  I need 10 or 12's...but why spend more money when we have two resistance bands.  So I did a circuit of shoulder, back and chest exercises, 10 reps of each exercise, 3 sets total.  I try to pull the bands pretty tight to give myself a harder workout...although I don't sweat near as much as when I'm running. I miss my cardio!

Circuit included:
Standing Rows
Forward shoulder press
Upright rows
Lateral Rear Deltoid Raises
One Arm rows

Then I did 100 pushups...I can do 40 in a row without feeling like I might die, I did 40, then 20, then 40 again. :)  And 100 situps/ab exercises. 

Last I did 60 calf raises, I need to do some more, but they burn and I'm a slacker.

And finished it up with some light stretching.  My groin feels fine now, no pain today at all.  Gonna ice it and wrap it up, take a few more days off and hope to go for a long ride this weekend.  :) 

Happy training.

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