Tuesday, June 25, 2013

seize the day 5k

I've really been slacking on this poor training blog lately. I've been running a lot. How about that.  :) I ran 27 miles last week including a 5k race. Have run 16 miles this week so far and I have four days to go. :) It feels good to be logging more miles. My groin still hurts, but I ice it at night and apply heat before I run.

So April and I ran another race this weekend. It was in kirkwood and was a lot of fun. I saw a college teammate of mine, Maureen Conley. She is incredible. She is a triathlete, including multiple Ironman's as well as a ridiculously fast runner. She makes me feel like a turtle I'm so slow. She couldnt race due to an injury but it was great to see her and chat a bit.

So the race. I finally ran under 24!!! I ran 23:27. A minute faster than my last 5k. Guess pushing the stroller has helped. :) I got 10th overall and 2nd in my age group.  We had a ton of fun as usual. I love racing!!!

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