Thursday, June 13, 2013

Training easy

Here is our week in review so far...

Sunday we woke up early, headed over into Illinois and bought a bike trailer for $40 off of Craigslist. Then we headed to the MCT trails to ride with April.  We rode six miles, even little man brayden! It was a lot of fun. That evening we went to the park and ran a mile in 9:03 then walked a mile. Jordan is running now too. He's been sticking to a mile but has progressed this week.

So monday when I got home from work we went to the park again and ran two miles. Jordan wanted to walk some but it only ended up being about 100 yards or so. Then I did sit ups and push ups when we got home.

Took tuesday off...I had to work again.

Wednesday I did 50 pushups without stopping. Ended up doing 100 all together along with 100 situps and some squats lunges and stretching. Then in the evening we headed to the park and I pushed the stroller again while we ran...three miles this time. I was really proud of Jordan,  he didn't walk at all. I ran a little over three because I turned around to meet back up with him. I ran slow, 32:20 but am okay with that. I want to get over this groin injury,  not make it worse. Jordan ran in 34:17. His goal was under 35. Bray rode his bike all week as we ran. Will probably run again tomorrow too. Then I work all weekend. Not a lot of miles this week but I'm getting back into it slowly.

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