Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Running in the heat

Well today was an awful day for running.  We're used to 70 degree days, sometimes even cooler. Today it jumped up to 90+ degrees!  I waited until 6pm to go running, thinking it would be better.  Wrong...the sun was going down and was just at the level that it blinds you as you look to the top of a hill or the horizon as you run.  I planned to run 8 miles, but the heat was killing me and I had a really tight groin muscle.  So I ended up only going 5.7 miles.  Ran it slow, in 54:21. It was 9:32 min/mile pace.  It was horrible.  I felt awful when I got home so I took a cool bath, chugged a bunch of water and took some Ibuprofen.  I think the slow running made my body feel worse than usual.  There's always tomorrow.

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