Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Road Bike!

Saturday, May 11 I bought my very first road bike!  :)  I love it. While I'm not a huge cyclist, I am very intrigued by the sport of triathlons and even though I haven't finished my first race yet, I'm sure there will be more to come.  I like to compete, even if it's just competing with myself to race better/faster each time. 

So I didn't ride on Mother's Day, we were busy.  But I took it out yesterday, around the streets of Herky, and road 10 miles.  I rode slow, in 48:58.  I'm still not super comfortable on the bike, I'll get there eventually.  I was really just out riding around exploring new streets that I hadn't been on before.  Then in the evening I went to the Y and swam.  I swam about 800 meters all together.  I only swam the 150 meter distance once.  I didn't even time myself.  I'm trying to get better at my form.  I can swim 50 meters with my head down without totally giving up.  I practiced doing that a lot.  I want to practice my open turns too.  I usually reach the end, hang on for a second and then push off on top of the water.  An open turn is where you grab the wall, draw up your legs to push off the wall hard, turn and go into a streamline position underwater.  I think this will definitely help, especially with the turns that involve going under the ropes....if I can push off and go under the ropes through the turn I'll have a significantly faster time.  I only have one more day to really train, next Monday. So I guess I better get to the Y and train! 

Thinking of doing another tri in August.  Trying to convince the sis to do it with me.  We'll see, she thinks I'm crazy.  Maybe I am, but it's fun! :)

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