Saturday, May 11, 2013

Edgar Road School 5k

Ran another 5k race this morning. It was pretty hilly and I wish I had worn sunglasses, but overall was a lot of fun. I had to start out a little slower than usual, there were elementary sxhool kids everywhere at the starting line. They took of sprinting at the start. I caught most of them. :) So my goal was sub I ran a 24:48. I ran the second and third mile better than the first I think. Oh well. I'll get there eventually. I'd like to be running 22's by the fall...not likely though. April also ran great...especially since she partied all night. Haha. She went out for a much deserved night with friends and was pretty tired. She still did great andfinished in 34:11. Did I mention she rocks?! Down 35+ pounds...and the real accomplishment, getting healthy.

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