Sunday, May 5, 2013


Lately I've been watching videos on YouTube...tutorials on swimming tips, transition set ups, track and field races of incredible runners, etc.  They have all been great.  My husband decided to give me some of his own inspiration today.  This evening he said to me, "Just run until your heart pops babe.  If your legs hurt, run faster."  I laughed and said, "hmmm, okay."  He then responds, "You know how to do that, you've done it before.  I don't know how, I just get tired and quit."  Haha, great inspiration right there.  Obviously he's not a runner.  :)   He is taking off work for my triathlon, upon my request.  We've been married 9 years, he hasn't seen me race one time.  Now, he's seen me run...we went to high school together, he was on the track team with me.  But throughout our married life I've run tons of races, and he's never been to one.  So I'm pretty excited to have a cheering section for once. :) 

Today I had to work but the department was going to be closing early so I brought the bike down to Ste. Gen so I could try out the course for the race.  I got off of work around noon and headed to the community center to train.  It was misting outside, but not too bad.  I knew I was still on call until 7pm so I turned up the volume on my cell phone ringer, and hit the bike path.  I had to take my glasses off halfway through the ride, they were covered in rain drops and I felt like I needed mini windshield wipers to see.  By mile 5 the rain was coming down harder, so I only did the three mile loop twice.  I did each loop in about 13 minutes, so I'm hoping to race in under 40 minutes.  There is a killer hill on the back portion of the loop, and I get to ride it three times, and then hop off and run it once too!  Gotta get some more hills in before race day!  After the ride I put the bike in the car and decided to go for a short run.  I was still on call, but thought I could do 3 miles since I was so close to the hospital still.  (Have to stay within 30 minutes when I'm on call.) I ended up going about a mile, I realized shortly after I started running down the trail that I'd forgotten to lock the car.  My purse, keys, and a very expensive borrowed road bike were there for the taking.  So I headed back.  By the time I got back I wasn't in the running mood anymore, and it was starting to pour rain.  I grabbed my bag and went inside to swim some laps.  I thought biking was my weakness.  Now I'm thinking it's swimming.  I really need to practice.  I swam 150 meters 3 times for time.  3:05, 3:17, and 3:15.  The second and third time I went under the lane ropes, the way I'll have to do for the race.  I'd love to swim it under 3 minutes, but I don't know if I'll improve that much in 3 weeks.  I need a lot of work on my technique. 

At the end of the day, I did all three sports.  I'm tired, and satisfied.  I may not be the fastest triathlete, or even the fastest version of myself...but after having two babies, I'm pretty happy with my current fitness level.  :) 

And a green drink to top off the day.

Handful of baby spinach, an apple, a banana, ginger root, strawberries, sliced cucumber, splash of v8 juice, fresh squeezed lemon juice, 2 scoops of greens, cinnamon, and some local honey.  Yum yum, talk about vitamins!

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