Monday, March 18, 2013

week 3

Alright, on to week three of training. I havent been sticking to my training schedule well, mainly because lack ofopportunity due to our work schedules. And i have been a little lazy. :) But today after work I headed to the cardiac rehab gym at the hospital, very thankful for the free gym access on work days, and planned to ride and run. I biked hard for 30 minutes, covering 7.6 phantom miles on the stationary bike. Then I hopped off and headed for the treadmill. Ack, I hate treadmills. I had a goal to run for 30 minutes, but after 14 minutes and a slow 1.5 miles, I couldnt bear the thought of 6 more electronic laps on that thing. So i decided to stretch and call it a day. I hope to get outside next time, that always makes the run more enjoyable and bearable! But overall I felt good. I know the bike wasnt the best simulation, because there werent any indoor hills to climb on the simplistic stationary at the gym. And the run could have been longer, but my hands were numb from holding them higher than usual...I dont have the best form anyway, but the treadmill makes it awful. I run too close to the front, hold my shoulders tight and high, and have a shorter, choppier stride than usual. Long story short, I cant wait for warm weather!my legs didnt feel too terribly lead like as I started my run, hoping to keep that up. Overall it was a good day of training. Would like to get in the pool, but the college is on spring break and the pool is closed. The ymca is just outrageously priced for a day pass...$10 for a pool way!!! Oh well, run and bike this week, back to the pool next week. Onto more training planning. And to find a race top. :) Also, I'm lazy and since I types this on my nook without auto correct, punctuation is a mess, haha. Get over it. :)

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