Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bike Day

Well, today proved to be an interesting ride. April and I went out on our trusty, ahem cheap, mountain bikes for a ride on the roads. I'm quite nervous riding on the road as it is, just because I'm wobbly and haven't ridden on the roads since highschool. But to make it worse we were on country roads, that's right, no sidewalks...riding along with traffic. People fly up behind you so fast you fear for your life as you see cars coming in the opposite lane! But, we survived...the cars and the ride. We headed out of my subdivision, out McNutt street, towards our mom's house. We passed her house and went down into Pevely towards the I-55 raceway. Turned around and came back. Let me tell you, the hills damn near killed us. Our Wal-Mart bicycles were not intended for hill and road riding. I already want a new bike! I'm a wimp, what I need to do is train on the bike more. But I truly believe a better bike would do me some good as well. So we rode 6.4 miles, took us way to long...45 minutes, I used to be able to RUN that distance at that pace. Again, I'm blaming the bike. :) But, at the end of the day, we rode 6 miles, got in a good work out, and had fun. Also, bought myself a pair of racing flats today as well, Brooks PureConnect 2's, only 6 ounces per shoe. My intention is to wear the flats during the bike and run of my triathlon. Got some dry fit socks as well...pretty pumped. I may not be a fast runner anymore, but don't tell me feet that. :)

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