Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Day 3 of official triathlon training and I'm whooped. I swam yesterday, talk about a workout!!! The pool at Jeffco claims to be Olympic size, 50 meters. I swam about 20 laps. Did three timed 150 meter swims, fastest in 1:45. Somehow I feel like that is fast, so the pool must be smaller than that...I dunno. Regardless, it was hard and I have sore arms today. Last night I bought a bicycle off of Craigslist, $20! Works great, my brother is going to fine tune it for me, it is just a mountain bike, but should work fine for now. I rode it around the subdivision at 7am, in 31 degree weather, cold, and wobbly, but felt good. I haven't ridden since college when we had bike days in cross country. So this evening after work I headed to the cardiac rehab gym at the hospital (free for employees, woohoo!) And rode a stationary bike. Only 30 minutes, but my thighs were burning. Jogged down the hall to get some water afterwards, legs felt like jello, but not too bad. Not sure how far my ride was, the bike didn't have a lot of digital functions. Oh well, better than nothing! I am tired and happy. :) But I do have to say, I'm getting busier by the day...wife, mother of two little ones, L&D nurse, sewing fanatic and aspiring triathlete, among other commitments! :)

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