Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week 2

Well, so far I've been extremely motivated, and back to extremely lazy all in a week's time. :) Last week I trained 3 days in a row, then had to work a couple days, had a family day, a wedding shower, and basically slacked all weekend. I whined to my training partner that I'd lost motivation...she threatened me about quitting on her, haha. It was never my intention to quit, I just really wish it would warm up, I hate running in the cold. I'd rather run in a thunderstorm than run when it's 30 degrees outside. So I ordered some tri-shorts Sunday, and got back to running yesterday. Yesterday, in 30 degree freezing cold, I pushed the heavy children in their heavy stroller around West City Park. I wanted to run 3 miles, but the wind was about to cause deafness in my right ear, so I went 21 minutes instead. Now, before you worry about my children's well being, they were in huge coats with hoods, and each had thick blankets wrapped around them, buckled into the stroller with the sun shade up to help block some wind. They didn't complain one bit. In fact, they get along better in the stroller than any other time of the day. So my run yesterday ended up being 2.05 miles. Not far, and not fast...but the wind and the stroller slowed me down. I still can't run up a big hill pushing them, I'll get there eventually. Today I was unmotivated after work, but my awesome sister came over, after running with her dog, to run with me again. :) We headed out of my subdivision, into the heavy winds on the outer road...it sucked. I thought the way back would be less windy, since the wind had been in my face the whole way out...somehow that didn't happen. The wind changed direction or something. I ran face first into the wind for 3.1 miles, running to the Prairies subdivision, trying to pick up the pace on the way back. I passed a dead, rotting cat on the way back, somehow I missed that on the way out...gross. At the entrance to my subdivision I wanted to walk, the wind was killing me...but with only 0.3 miles to go, I pushed ahead. I finished in 28:35...a pathetic time for a 5K, but okay to me...second week of training, running in the horrific wind, by myself. Goals for the training: To swim 150 meters in 1:45 To ride 9 miles on the bike in 40 minutes...don't know if I'll reach this one. To run 3.1 miles in 26 minutes. I'd be happy to do all of that seperately at those times, completing it all in those times in one big race may kill me. Think I can do it? I hope so. :) And so my insanity continues...

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