Thursday, March 21, 2013

Couponing...among other things

Well, as if I don't have enough things to obsess over...sewing, cloth diapers, triathlon training--along with caring for a house with kids and a I've become obsessed with coupons as well. I never thought it was saving too much by using a coupon until I realized, you don't just use a 55 cent coupon on a $3.50 name brand item at Wal-Mart. You keep that coupon and hunt for when that item is on sale, hopefully finding a store coupon along the way...and then get it for cheaper or sometimes even free. And with the triple coupons at Schnucks, I was totally convinced. So I headed to Schnuck's today, with my 18 coupons in hand, searching the aisles like many other moms I saw. Some had HUGE binders full, others had little handfuls like me. One sweet young woman even stopped to ask a question. I admitted it was my first time couponing as well and couldn't be of much help, but wished her good luck. I was pretty excited to say the least. So I ended up spending $66 total at Schnuck's, but bought produce and other items that weren't a part of my couponing plan. Of the items pictured above, I only spent around $11 out of pocket. I got 4 boxes of cereal, regularly atleast $2.50, for around 85 cents/each. I got a box of Huggies wipes (Huggies are my favorite, I'm not usually a name brand girl--but I have to have Huggies wipes) that is regularly $2.50 or more, for $1.00. Yoplait yogurts are usually close to $1.00/each. I got mine for 45 cents/each. The Dole fruit crunch cups were on sale for $2, but I had a tripled 50 cent coupon, so I got that for 50 cents total. The toothpaste was a splurge, on sale for $2.99, had a 50 cent coupon that triped for $1.50 off, so only spent $1.49 for that one...yay for white teeth. And the Bisquick would have been free for a smaller box--but all the other crazy coupon ladies got to the 20oz boxes first. So I got a 40oz box of Bisquick for $2.09. So I spent around $11 for all of my pictured items, saving $14 or so in coupons. I was quite proud of myself. Our cabinets are going to be packed full if I keep this up. We may need an overflow closet in the basement if it ever gets finished. :) I've been scoping out the printable coupons for more...but I need to stop. I'm good at wasting time on the internet...Facebook, Pinterest, email, and now coupons?! I need help. Aside from my shopping spree, we had quite the eventful day. Ms. Caroline didn't like my computer time as I was printing all of my coupons, so she soaked herself in Cherry Limeade Crystal Light 30 minutes before I had to meet someone to drop off a Sweetest Caroline's order. When I say soaked, I mean head to toe, clothes, diaper and floor soaked. Her hands were stained red, her arms were stained red, her BUTT and back of her thighs were stained red. It was ridiculous! We made it out on time though. Just keeping things interesting I guess. Her interesting-ness continued into the evening. I let her go diaper-free sometimes to air out her bottom. Today she decided to hide behind the buffet table in the kitchen when I wasn't looking, squat on the floor and leave a pile of poo. Now, the upside is I didn't have to scrub a diaper, and she did it on the vinyl floor instead of the carpet. The bad side, before I knew she had done it, I heard the dog licking up something on the floor, and then the smell hit me. I was disguisted! And also amused. Dogs are disgusting creatures. Our older dog loves to roll in poop, anyone's poop--her's, Jax's, the neighbor dogs, other animals, poopy diapers if she can find them--she's a sick individual. So my poop obsessed dogs served up some amusement tonight as well. Jax growled at Maggie as she came to investigate, must have been some good shit, he didn't want her interrupting him. Gross, disgusting animals. Long story short, my house is a zoo, I maintained my sanity (err, something) in the virtual world today, and am now obsessed with coupons. Ha! Goodnight.

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