Friday, February 21, 2014

Clean(er) eating

Seeing as my usual preference for food involves chocolate, my diet could use a little tweaking. :)

So yesterday I downloaded the Runner's World cookbook on my Nook and made myself very hungry. We headed to the produce section of the grocery store and I bought foods in every color. I also bought rice and oat flour for baking and more quinoa. I'm not a total doofus to healthy eating, I just have a hard time resisting sweets.

So when we got home I made some paleo style chocolate chip cookies, substituting oat and rice flour for the almond flour my recipe called for. They turned out okay, nothing like the real thing but they are a lot better than no chocolate!

Today I enjoyed some spaghetti squash with red sauce for lunch after my run and a homemade oatmeal protein bar as a snack.

Supper was a delicious spinach, sweet potato and bacon salad along with pan grilled tilapia and egg noodles topped with stewed tomatoes.

Overall it was a good day of food for me, which is a much bigger accomplishment than any run I do. But of course the running counts too. I got in 7 miles through the horrible wind. My legs are worn out from this week so I cut my 10 miler a little short. Happy to get a little rest and recovery in.

Hoping for more sunny days soon!

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